Finding Affordable Housing Solutions

Economic growth in our region brings both opportunities and challenges we must address. In Olympia Amy will build on her housing affordability leadership—increasing density along transit corridors, mandatory inclusion of affordable housing in multifamily development, and more.


Protecting our Communities and our Environment

We all have a right to safe schools, safe communities, and safe gathering spaces. Amy supports raising the purchasing age of semi-automatic rifles, enhanced background checks, and other provisions to reduce preventable gun violence. Amy will also prioritize protecting our environment. She will support legislation to address climate change and carbon reduction.


Restructuring our Regressive Tax Code

We must restructure our unfair, regressive tax code. Amy will look at smart reforms that reduce the burden on lower and fixed income families and small businesses, and require a fair share from the wealthiest in our state. As a business owner, Amy is aware of the barriers small businesses face. She will work to ensure a healthy balanced business climate, and fight to achieve workplace equity for women and other underrepresented communities.


Protecting Women’s Rights

Amy began her career working in restaurants and retail,fighting for fair wages and equity. As a cancer survivor she knows the importance of affordable healthcare. Amy will always fight for workplace equity, universal health care, and access to contraceptives and abortion.