Re-Elect Amy Walen for Kirkland City Council

Whatever work we do, we serve the citizens of Kirkland.  

As Mayor for 3 years and City Council member for 7 years, I have learned that when we listen to our community and consider all points of view, we can collaborate to make any proposal better. The City should be of service to its residents and businesses.  I am running for re-election to the Kirkland City Council because I care about Kirkland and want to serve our community.  

Fiscal Responsibility: My experience as a Kirkland business owner informs my work at City Hall.  I have committed to conservative accounting, replenishing reserves during our recent period of economic success, saving for the future, and preparing for investments in Kirkland's infrastructure.  I have also brought a focus on customer service to City Hall, including advocating for a new process where teams from Planning, Public works and building come directly to our citizens.  We remember who we work for. 

Investing in the Future: As a parent and guardian of teens, I see first hand the benefit kids derive from access to outdoor spaces, sports, academics and the arts.  To this end, I am committed to focusing partnership between the Lake Washington School district, the LWIT and the NW University and the City, to expand the incredible facilities at these institutions - the teachers and classrooms, the sports fields, meeting rooms and other public spaces - for community use. We must also continue to invest and expand our parks and open spaces, and should develop more all weather recreation opportunities, including an indoor pool.  Finally, we need to continue to protect public safety for everyone by recruiting more police officers, and by continuing to invest in state of the art equipment for our fire and police service.   


A Balanced Approach to Growth: Our region is experiencing unprecedented growth.  The challenge is accepting our share, while maintaining the unique quality of each neighborhood.  We each chose our home based on our neighborhood's character and feel, and we should respect and protect that. I am working on plans to  improve roads and parks around the Village at Totem Lake and Kirkland Urban to ensure that these developments are successful and serve the needs of our community.  My goal is for all of us to be able to purchase everything we need, here in our home town.   In addition, we need to manage traffic and congestion as our city grows and develops, as well as improve sidewalks and walking trails, so that we can get around on foot and by bicycle. Our sidewalks, paths and trails should be expanded and improved. 

Everyone should feel safe and welcome in Kirkland.  We are an inclusive city, and we should make sure that everyone in our community knows and feels this commitment. This is not a political issue. Everyone is a valued member of our community. As a City Council, we are here to work on parks, roads, improving neighborhoods, and solving problems together.


Together, we can do this.  I hope you will join me!


Campaign Committee

Scott Morris, Sue Contreras, Bea Nahon, Jeff Hoerth, Rob Butcher, Kirstin Larson, Amy Falcone, Santos Contreras